Pencor Construction

Another big day! Bob & Mary had a meeting this morning with Jared Penny and Kyle Martin of Pencor Construction. This is the company that has agreed to be our General Contractor for the build of the stand-alone Transplant House. The meeting began with a phone conversation that included Amanda, but it was extended after the call simply because Mary needed some visual information about moving forward. Bob totally understands what will happen because of his construction background, but Mary was in the dark.

So this is what resulted and now Mary has a clear understanding:

September – December 2020 – Site Selection (Emory’s Executive Park Property). This will involve negotiating a land lease and will include a Letter of Intent which will list the business terms of the lease, approvals and payment agreement.

January – March 2021 – Site Design. This will include things like a land survey, zoning, entitlements and land disturbance issues. A Civil Engineer will be involved.

April – July 2021 – The architect will produce the final product (everything from bricks to landscape to fire control to roofing and furniture) A Structural Engineer and possibly other “experts” will be involved.

August – September 2021 – Permits. This will involve DeKalb County and it’s apparently anyone’s guess about length of time to complete.

October 2021ARE YOU READY? The build will begin.

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