Mary’s Visit to the Seattle Transplant House


That’s a beautiful picture of Seattle, but when I visited Seattle, the city was experiencing the worst rainfall in it’s HISTORY!  Trust me, I did not see those mountains!  But the rain did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for my visit to the Seattle Transplant House.  I was able to spend five hours with the Executive Director (Liz) and a block of time with the Guest Services Coordinator (Pat).  Then I had lunch at Carmine’s, one of Seattle’s oldest Italian restaurants in historic Pioneer Square with the Chairman of the Board (Larry).  I took copious notes all day long and when I had the chance, after I got home, to really digest those notes, I realized that this visit was truly a pivotal point in the life of the JCEF.  Talking with the voices of experience is an amazing thing.  We covered everything from the infrastructure of a foundation to the needs of patients and their care givers, to fund raising.  We have much to do going forward and I cannot tell you how much the information I received from the three people mentioned, above, will help us.

On a personal note, I’m so grateful to our family, Ron & Karen Evans, for providing me with (free!) housing, car and food!  That was more than a gift to me, it was a gift to our Foundation.  I also got to spend some time with my nephew, Kelly, and his family and my niece, Jen, and her family.  Highlights of the trip.  But the biggest highlight of the entire week on a personal level was a visit to the Chihuly Exhibit.  Words cannot express the beauty of what I saw.  I have never seen colors in such brilliance!