Time flies…

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog.  It is not because nothing is going on in the foundation, it’s just that so much is going on.  And a lot of time, we spend going two steps forward and one step backward.  You might think that is discouraging, but quite the opposite is true.  We have “hit the wall” so many times that it’s starting to feel normal!  It makes us more determined than ever to reach our goal of providing housing for transplant patients and their care givers.

post apt 2

We have had our second BOD meeting, where we talked about a lot of things and which ended with Bob, Mary & Brad needing to research a couple of items.  We’re on it!

The biggest news actually comes out of our first BOD meeting where we were encouraged to “begin smaller.”  To be honest, we as a family, were so laser-focused on building a “house” that we lost sight of what was required to do that, especially financially.  So what we are in the planning stages of doing is renting apartments.  Other transplant houses, specifically Seattle, New York and Cleveland, do this, so this is not an experiment.  It’s a tried and true way of doing what we want to do.

Post Properties, which has many, many apartment communities in the Atlanta area has agreed we can rent their corporate apartments, which are fully furnished and absolutely beautiful!   Some details obviously need to be ironed out.  We would like to have a formal agreement with PP in order that we can use them on our web page, brochures, etc.

Mary’s phone conversation with the Corporate Apartment Group of PP was very successful.  They knew exactly what she was talking about and what she was wanting and it was such a pleasure to talk to someone who immediately “knew her language.”  Following that call, Mary toured three of their properties in Atlanta.  Two of them are within a couple of miles of Piedmont Hospital, which is pretty amazing.  The status…Mary has requested a formal meeting and is waiting for a response.

Our goal to get started is to have the finances in the bank in order to rent one apartment for one year…certainly a doable goal.  And what that means is we could begin offering housing to transplant patients and their care givers fairly quickly.  Our goal is to welcome our first guests on June 16, 2017, which will be Jeff’s 37th birthday.