southern hospitalityLast week we welcomed our 20th transplant family to one of our apartments.  20th!!  The patient is a gentleman who has received a new liver and his caregiver is his wife.  When I was showing the wife and her sister around the apartment, one of them said, “you must be a Southerner!”  I replied, “no, ma’am, I’m not, but I’m also not a Yankee!  I’m from the Pacific Northwest.”  Her reply:  “well, honey, just give me your passport and I’ll stamp it and make you an official Southerner, because this apartment is Southern Hospitality at it’s best!”  Made me happy!


video 2  We have been given a wonderful gift from two people, Billy Hong (a high school friend of Brad’s) and Lori Geary (formerly of WSB TV) in the form of a video for the foundation.  Last Friday we all met at Apartment #4 for Lori to interview, and Billy to video, our current transplant patient and his care giver, Steve and Diane.  It was fascinating to watch these professionals do what they do best.  First Diane was interviewed, followed by Steve’s interview.  Then the apartment was filmed, along with some random shots, which will make the video personal.  Follow up included sending pictures of the other apartments and, most importantly, pictures of Jeff.  The next step will be the interviews with Bob and Mary.  And then we will stay tuned to see the final product.  We can’t wait.  This is going to be a remarkable marketing tool and we could not be more appreciative!  Things like this just don’t fall in your lap every day.  Thank you Billy and Lori!


Moiras Quilt  This quilt arrived at my front door today.  It is a beautiful child’s quilt, handmade by my childhood friend, Moira.  The colors are amazing.  We have decided that this quilt will be a wall hanging in the next apartment that we put together for our next little transplant patient from Children’s Hospital.  Along with the quilt came so many memories of fun days that we had as kids and teens.  Moira and I were part of a trio made up of Moira, Mary and Joan.  And did we ever have fun back in the day together!  We were the typical girls who spent hours on the phone, had many, many sleep overs where we did more talking than sleeping.  We drove around in my ’66 Chevy Malibu, eating hamburgers and fries at Dick’s.  We argued, made up, forgot about the argument and went on just having fun together.  They were good days.  Now we are all grandmas!  I found this quote, which pretty much sums things up:  “You don’t have to have anything in common with friends that you’ve known forever.  You’ve got your whole life in common.”