2016-hoe-down  We had a VERY SUCCESSFUL hoe down fund raiser at our neighborhood horse farm.  Many neighbors and friends attended and their donations added up to just under $3,000!  The Evans family cannot fully express our appreciation for the generosity and support that was shown to us.

The barn was decorated with pumpkins, scarecrows, fall leaves and a whole lot of lights, which made for a fun atmosphere.  The food was a good, ol’ Southern BBQ with a table full of desserts that were donated by friends and neighbors.  Our DJ was simply outstanding.  He kept the evening lively with the music he choose and, more importantly to the family, with the support he gave to the foundation by the words he spoke.  Many of our guests went home with raffle items which were donated by our local community in Ball Ground and by family members.  The evening ended with dancing, in particular with two little guys, who tore the dancefloor up.  (One happened to be our grandson, Andrew!)

To sum up this event….it took a lot of hard work to put this together.  And it took a lot of volunteers in our neighborhood to make it as much fun as it was.  It took a lot of heavy lifting and moving parts and pieces between our home and the barn.  It took the generosity of many people in the community and in the neighborhood, as well as with a lot of help from very good friends.  I guess you could say “it takes a village.”  The barn at Wildewood Farm on Saturday night was filled with the JCEF village.

We could not be more grateful!  Every dollar that was donated will be spent wisely as we continue finding/buying/receiving household items to furnish our first apartment.  We hope to welcome our first transplant patients and their caregivers by June of 2017.  That will be a joyous day as we realize the first step of our foundation vision which is to “provide a bridge to life for transplant patients.”

Only 6 Days Until…

my-corn-stalks  my-centerpiecesTHE HOE DOWN!  Today the decorating began with corn stalks and center pieces.  This is the most fun part of hoe down preparation for Mary!  Our garage is lined with corn stalks and our kitchen counters are lined with centerpieces.  This is the week when we move into high gear to get everything ready.  Everyone from the DJ to the caterer to the friend that helps with shopping for food at Costco to the dessert makers, etc. have been contacted and have confirmed they are ready.  Cleaning of the barn will happen on Friday evening.  Tables and chairs have been ordered and will be delivered on Saturday morning.  We laugh about the “upgrades” this year.  Last year it was bring your own chair and your own drinks.  This years we have tables and chairs and beer!!  We’re “movin’ on up!”  It takes a lot of work to put on a fund raiser, but it’s a huge part of a non-profit, especially at the stage we are in.  We are extremely appreciative of every dollar we receive and we are more than willing to do everything necessary to make this event fun for the whole family.  We hope to see you there!