One Step Closer to our Next Fundraiser

drew belline Yesterday, Bob and Mary met Chef Drew Belline for lunch at St. Cecilia’s in Buckhead.  Drew is a childhood friend of Jeff’s, who like Jeff, fell in love with the culinary world while still in high school.  As Jeff was working at a Subway, Drew was working at Roasters, both located near Chattahoochee High School.    We met with him to ask him if he would play a BIG part in our Chef’s Sunday Supper fundraiser.  We obviously need chefs for this event, and Drew graciously said to us, “I’m in!”  He is going to take a little time to figure this whole deal out and we cannot wait to see the results.  We talked a little about the food, how many people we expect, the costs of the food, advertising ideas, etc.  And truthfully, one of the best parts of the lunch was our walk down memory lane of when Jeff and Drew were kids.

Drew is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina, and he headed straight to New York after graduation to sharpen his culinary skills. While there, he worked under several highly esteemed chefs.  He returned to Atlanta and continued his career in several upscale restaurants here.   In 2007, Belline was named a Rising Star Chef by and has also been featured in Food & Wine, Bon Appétit and Southern Living. In January 2013, he was selected as the Springer Mountain Farms Chef Appreciation recipient.  Drew is currently a Vice President of Ford Fry’s Restaurants in Atlanta. We consider ourselves lucky to have Drew on our team for this event.  Talk about expertise!!

Just allow me to brag for a minute here.  Bob and I are very proud of ourselves that we actually developed our Foundation webpage all by ourselves through Go Daddy!  We published it today.  This is something that we have been talking about and waiting on for quite some time.  We decided to jump in with all of our feet and just do it!  The webpage reflects exactly where we are in this point in time with the Foundation.  We have a home page with Jeff’s story.  Then we have a page all about Transplants.  There is a description of our planned building projects.  The next page is all about the leadership of our foundation.  Yes, we now have a Board of Directors, some still pending, but we’re hopeful!  And finally, it is set up to receive donations through Pay Pal.  This is a big day for us!