pick up truckWe owe thanks to many, many people for many, many things, but we would like to single out our friend Dennis Terrell.  We were caught between a rock and a hard place this week when we were setting up Apartment #5.  The mattress company failed to deliver a box spring.  That might sound like a small thing that could be rescheduled, but that wasn’t the case.  We had a transplant patient and her care giver ready to move in the next day.  ENTER DENNIS…He has been so good to us over the last couple of years by using his pick up truck to move items for us from stores, estate sales, garage sales, etc.  So I emailed him asking for his help.  And this trip was a LONG one for him.  We were asking him to pick up a box spring in Cumming to take it to North Druid Hills, probably an 80-mile round trip.  Well, Dennis’ servant’s heart kicked into action and he made the move for us, saving the day!  That servant’s heart is BIG and we are so appreciative!