Tom Glavine Spring Training Event

Tom Glavine

Last night Bob and Mary were guests of the Georgia Transplant Foundation at their annual fund raiser, “The Tom Glavine Spring Training Event,” which was held at the Delta Flight Museum, a VERY impressive venue!   We were excited to go, not only to support the GTF, but because it was a very educational event for us to attend.  We took note of all of the details that went into this event, from the items they had up for silent auction, the BIG items for the regular auction, the food, the drinks, the games, the band, the emcee and auctioneer, and how they recognized their sponsors….you get it!  We were also privileged to speak to some heart transplant patients (survivors, you might say), which is always a very humbling experience for us.  They are proof to us that we are on the right track with our mission and vision for the JCEF.  And their encouragement means the world to us.  Obviously, this event was MUCH bigger than anything we will attempt at this point, but everything we learned can certainly be scaled down to the size of fund raising events we will be doing in the near future.

Forming a Leadership Committee


Two weeks into 2016, we are finally feeling more comfortable with where we are with our foundation.  It has definitely been a learning experience for the Evans family.  We have come to realize how extremely naïve we were when we began this journey.  But we are also just a little proud of ourselves for plodding through everything we have had to learn and for the progress we have made. 

One of the BIG things that we made a priority for the month of January (and for however long it takes), is to form a leadership committee (a Board of Directors) for the foundation going forward.   As any non-profit organization would agree, we need people who understand the mission of our foundation, who can grasp the urgency of the need and who will serve our foundation with the passion that our family has for this project.  And we obviously need idea people who have extensive networks to draw from.  The reality of a non-profit is this:  we need money.    Update!  Mary has contacted, so far, nine eleven twelve people of diverse skills and talents to be on the committee and three six seven eight have responded positively, so with family members, we are up to nine ten eleven team members!.  Linda Everett (who happens to be Mary’s best friend, which was an easy one!) has agreed to be our Administrative Assistant.  That role will develop as we move ahead.  Lara Long, a person that Mary worked with at AGCO, has agreed to join us.    We met for lunch and had an extremely productive conversation.  Thirdly, Brian Annino of Annino Law Firm LLC, a friend of Brad’s, has agreed to be a part of our committee.  Britt Bentley, a new friend and heart transplant recipient has agreed to be on our team.  He will add a totally unique perspective to whatever we do.  And David and Michelle Williams, our “champions” from the beginning, will join our committee in June.   Lastly, for now, Dr. Amin Yehya from Piedmont Hospital said he would be a part of our foundation.  And as of 2/10, Becky Weyenberg, formerly of AGCO; now of Berekely Hall Club has agreed to join us.  (I know…this is getting confusing!)  Now hopefully, everyone else that was contacted will respond fairly quickly, hopefully in a positive way.  We have several more people in mind that we will ask to join us, including some from the medical and transplant communities in the Atlanta area.   In total, we hope this committee will be comprised of 12-15 people.