First Official Board of Directors Meeting


On Monday, April 4, 2016, our Board of Directors for the Foundation met together at “The Cabin” overlooking the Chattahoochee River.  This was a BIG day in the life of the foundation.  We have 13 members on our board, named below:

The Evans Family – Mary, Bob and Brad / Garry Ball, retired SVP of Engineering, AGCO / David Williams, VP and Treasurer, AGCO / Michelle Williams, Homemaker / Britt Bentley, Audio Visual Person for First Redeemer Church and heart transplant recipient / Chris Broyles, Principal, Veracor and a father, who along with his wife, who donated their son’s organs after a tragic accident took his life / Brian Annino, Attorney, Annino Law Firm / Lara Long, VP, Accounting and Financial Reporting, AGCO, Becky Weyenberg, CFO, Berkeley Hall Club, Inc. / Linda Everett, Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, AGCO / Lanny Everett, IT Manager, OMNICOM.

We began the meeting with Mary presenting what has happened in the first year of being a foundation and how the infrastructure of the foundation was built.  Brad then presented the BIG plan for the foundation, which involves building a transplant house in every state, funding $100 million in cardio research, funding five cardio medical scholarships at Penn, Brown, Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins and building a national network of donations.  No one can accuse the Evans family of thinking small and “inside the box.  Bob then showed a presentation on fund raising; much of the information came from the Habitat for Humanity website.  Then we got into a discussion about “starting smaller and growing big.”  The family has, admittedly been stuck on a track leading towards building a large “stand alone” transplant house.  But it was suggested by some board members that we could get “up and running” much faster, which would give us a much bigger presence in Atlanta and would be a visual for fund raising purposes.  We left very excited about that prospect and we will be researching that very real possibility.

We were so pleased with how the meeting went.  We feel like we have chosen an excellent group of people, who showed at this first meeting that we can meld together to go forward towards our goals.