I can only imagine  I had kind of an emotional day today. My afternoon started with having lunch with Brad, which brings me all kinds of joy. Then I walked next door to the movie theater and saw “I Can Only Imagine.” I loved the movie, but it was a tear jerker for me. I came out realizing that I can, indeed, only imagine, but I thought about my Jeff who has seen Jesus face-to-face. His imagining days are over. Did he fall to his knees?    Did he dance for Jesus?  Did he fall to his face?Was he able to speak at all?

On my drive home, I started thinking about “our” transplant patients (the ones who have lived in one of the apartments and moved on). I contacted each of them and received back wonderful, happy news about most of them. Our little 7-year-old is still waiting for his numbers to reach the appropriate place to be placed on the transplant list. He has not been feeling very well. And I had a nice (kind of sad) conversation with the mom of our patient who passed away. I pretty much covered every aspect of this foundation story….some good, some not so good, some emotional and, best of all, the good thoughts about my boy. How I miss him and I will until my imagining days are over.


Pics from Jen   I’m going to start this post by saying that the Evans cousins have a special, tight bond.  To this day they miss their cousin Jeff.  The picture is evidence of that.  When cousin Jen learned that we had a child in one of our apartments, she went to work to bring some love to that child.  What she did arrived from Seattle by Fedex this week to our home.  It was filled with games, puzzles, books and art projects.

Our little patient actually went home yesterday to wait for getting listed on the heart transplant list.  Hopefully when that happens, we will have an apartment available for his family to live in.

In the meantime, we will put these games into any apartment that has a child living in it.  Think of the joy and the “release” they will receive.  A special gift like this one will be such a great addition to an apartment.  Our families need things like this to break the intenseness of what they are living with everyday.  They are literally walking a tight rope.

Thanks, Jen!  Jeff knows what you’ve done!