Miracles Happen

Perhaps it sounds dramatic to say that we believe we are living a life in the middle of miracles! Another way to say it is this: “we have so many balls juggling in the air, we hardly can keep up.” And it is all about miracles.

It seems like everyone that God sends our way has a real life connection to transplants. Which is a miracle all in itself. When we, the Evans family, first heard the word “transplant” (in regard to Jeff’s newly diagnosed condition) our reaction was (no kidding) “what is a transplant?” And we believe that most people would have the same reaction.

As we formed our first board of directors, very early on in our journey, we looked for people that had a transplant connection. I would like to say it wasn’t easy, but God sent them our way. Britt who had had a heart transplant. Phil who had donated his kidney to his nephew. Cynthia who was a transplant patient caregiver. Annlouise, also a caregiver. Anne Marie, whose family had donated her deceased sister’s organs. The list goes on and on and on.

Now we have recently added quite a number of new board members. And even some of those who joined us without a connection, now have one. One has had a liver transplant. One has a daughter whose father-in-law is waiting for a heart transplant. One is a double transplant survivor….liver and kidney. And one has a husband waiting for a heart transplant. Even our architect who designed our future Transplant House just recently had a nephew pass away and they donated his organs.

Why is this important? I think everyone would agree that if you have a “connection” to any thing, you quickly gain a special passion for it. And that is exactly what is happening.

There’s more!

  1. Coxe Curry has completed our feasibility study. It is beautifully written and tells our story, past, present and future, in a very compelling way. They have introduced the study to four major foundations in Atlanta that fund projects like ours. They were all extremely interested and one day that interest will turn into money. But right now we have some more work to do, particularly in our growth as a foundation. Work has began in earnest in that regard.
  2. We have found a potential site for Transplant House, the process leading up to this is a miracle all in and of itself. Mary spent a day riding around in a car with Amanda and a real estate guy looking at potential properties. The end result of that was seeing a Truist (SunTrust) vacant bank building. First, one of newest board members is best friends with the CEO of Truist! She initiated a conversation with him about the site and…..here’s the miracle….Truist is donating the site with the building to us….a $2.3M gift!
  3. One of the key players at Truist happens to have a brother waiting for a transplant.
  4. The site is in the exact same location as the apartments. Miracle you might say?
  5. We have applied for a Mason Trust grant. Amanda and Ann Curry both have a personal relationship with the person who will make the decision about how the grant might benefit us. It was kind of like having an inside link.
  6. We have just gotten connected to the Christian Radio Alliance. We will see what miracle comes out of this! We were excited to be able to share with them via a press release how Christian this foundation is. The tag line was “Faith is the Engine of the Foundation.”
  7. We have a cleaning crew! Miracles of miracles (from Mary’s point of view). Aulo is from Venezuela, in America on an asylum permit, who works for the construction company that will build Transplant House. He cleaned our last vacant apartment and he did the deepest “deep cleaning” I have ever seen. He was hired on the spot! He will be able to do our cleanings on weekends and evenings. I trust him to show up and clean without me being anywhere in sight. What a blessing!
  8. Many miracles continue to happen every day as our patients recover from their surgeries and get discharged to go home. Babies, kids, teens, young adults, older adults and seniors! God is in the business of healing and we are privileged to see it every day! This is just a sampling of what is going on.
  9. Our prayers continue for the growth of the foundation and for finances to cover the day-to-day operations. The lesson we are learning in regards to these things (especially finances) is NO FEAR!. God is in control. This is HIS foundation; we are the worker bees. He has been faithful from Day One and we are confident that He will continue to be.

Stay tuned!