I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree that we are living in crazy times! Depending on where you live, whenever you go out of your house, you are met with people wearing masks. Well….we have a mask story!

Our niece, Becky, who lives in Vancouver, Washington, made and sent to us over 150 masks to be given out to our patients and care givers. I always have a packet of information, which includes the cashmere socks, that I give to each new caregiver when I first meet them. Now the masks are included and my caregivers are overwhelmed that someone has done that for them. Like I told Becky, “you are now a part of the story!”

And if you knew Becky, you would know that she included a very touching note with each mask. There are so many people in this world that over and over deserve our thanks for their contribution to the Foundation, whatever that may be. Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that matter so much.

Thank you, kiddo! We can never thank you enough. Your cousin, Jeff, is looking down and if you could hear him, he would be saying “thank you, cuz!”

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