Apartment #6 was put together over the weekend of September 27th, and a transplant family moved in on September 29th.  What’s unique about this one….we now rent all four apartments along one walkway, so our patients and care givers can see each other at a place other than the hospital.  It forms a bit of a community.

“It takes a village” best describes the “putting together.”  On Friday, Phil & Julie Graiser arrived to help.  Julie took care of setting up the ENTIRE kitchen, which is a big job that requires washing every single item and putting everything in it’s place.  Phil did what I refer to as the “man jobs”….things like putting together the vacuum cleaner and installing the hand-held shower.  On Saturday, Anne Marie came by and made all the beds.  And for the hardest job of all (at least in Mary’s opinion), our friend, Dennis, showed up to put the bunkbeds together.  And true to the character of Dennis, what I heard all day long was, “what else can I do?”  Both days Brad was there and his main job was to get rid of all of the cardboard boxes, which is a monumental task, requiring trip after trip after trip to the dumpster.  Everything came together perfectly!

A few unique items in this apartment:  1)  the quilt on the couch in the living room.  It was made especially for us in memory of Marge Mitchell by her quilting groups in the Seattle area; 2) the quilt hanging in the bunkbed room, which was made especially for us by Mary’s childhood friend, Moira Leavitt; and 3)  if you look closely, you will see a fresh flower bouquet on the dining room table.  A local florist, “The Flower Post” in Vickery has offered to provide us with fresh flowers for every new apartment. These are the things that bring so much meaning to the foundation.

Now, I must mention the HUGE donation of furniture.  Thanks go to Dave and Debbie Stinebaugh.  Early in the year they moved to Florida from a very large home in Alpharetta to a much smaller one and almost all of the furniture in this apartment was donated to us from them.

And lastly, we thank Garry & Marilyn Ball for their continued financial support to the foundation.  We owe them more gratitude than we can express.