Trip to Seattle

Turning Point  During the last week of July, Mary & Brad flew out to Seattle to meet with Liz Truong Doyle, our Foundation consultant.  To say it was a valuable time together would be an understatement.  Our foundation is at a critical turning point in regards to moving upward and we needed advice on how to get that process started.  We came back with so much information about decisions that have to be made.  All of that information has been summarized and will be shared at our Board meeting this week.  We have two ways to describe our relationship with Liz.  One is “she’s been there and done that.”  The other is “no reason to reinvent the wheel.”  Liz has been where we are with the Seattle Transplant House, with great success.  We have followed that model from the beginning with opening transplant apartments.  Now we’ll see where we go from here.

Ferry  And, of course, since we were “home,” we made a few trips down memory lane, riding two ferries being one of them.  If you want to see the real beauty of Seattle, ride a ferry!  We also took a day trip to Eastern Washington to visit one of our favorite campsites where Brad and Jeff spent many a summer day.  We stayed with Uncle Ron & Aunt Karen, who live in a house with the most fantastic views of Puget Sound.  A lot of time was spent relaxing on their deck over looking that view.  And then a true highlight of our visit was dropping in on Aunt Betty and our niece Cathy, along with our nephew, Donald and six of his 20 kids!  Donald and his wife, Amy, have adopted 13 of those 7 kids, many with disabilities.  The kids arrived like a tornado and by the end of the evening, Brad and I were totally in love with every single one of them.  We had the BEST time on this short, mostly unplanned, trip.  It ended with a red-eye home, Seattle-San Francisco-Atlanta.  Only one thing can be said about that….red-eyes are horrible!