AJC Article


On Sunday, August 2, 2020, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a great article about the Foundation..link above.

The best news about this is the exposure that we are getting in the Atlanta area. And this is due to the efforts of Amanda Brown Olmstead and her team, including Mary Elise O’Brien.

The article tells the story well. And I have to admit that I sat down after reading it and experienced a little emotional breakdown. The last 5 years appeared before my eyes and in my mind. All of the countless hours spent on this computer, day and night. All of the shopping done in every antique store, consignment store, junk store and garage sale within 15 miles of home, day after day after day looking for furniture and decor (admittedly the easiest and most fun part of this entire journey!). I will never forget my shopping route! All the hours spent in the three stores that really have owned me: Southern Comforts, The Dollar Store and Tuesday Morning. Moving furniture from one place to another. Sorting and tidying up storage units. Planning and executing fund raisers (whew…it tires me just thinking about that one!). And lastly, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It’s been an incredible ride and I have loved every minute of it. When you have a passion for what you are doing the work is no longer work.

When I think about having six fully furnished apartments in three short years, having the absolute privilege of serving more than 80 patients and care givers, at times getting way too involved with people that includes the ever present emotional toll, I am simply amazed and blessed more than words can say. Those 80 transplant families have meant more to me, excluding my family of course, than any people ever in my life.

Lord, thank you for assigning me to this job. It’s all been done for your glory, in your timing and in your way. We give you credit for every single person that has stepped up to help in any way. We give you credit for all of the funds that have come our way. You truly have provided every single thing we have ever needed. And we give you all the glory, both for our patients who are well on their way to recovery and for those who are now in your presence in glory. We will continue on knowing this: When the time is right, you the Lord will make it happen!