Mom…he deserves cashmere


During the final three days of Jeff’s life, he was at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the ICU.  We realized very quickly that Jeff’s feet were always so cold.  It was, obviously, because his circulation was severely compromised.  We brought socks from home and someone was continuously rubbing his feet, just trying to keep them warm.

At one point, his brother, Brad, turned to his mom and said “mom…he deserves cashmere.”  It was such a touching moment, filled with the love of one brother to another, and it has never left our minds.

So….every transplant patient that lives in one of our apartments will receive a supply of cashmere socks.  We hope it will bring a little comfort and a lot of warmth to these patients.  We hope that it will let them know that we truly do care and that we are always thinking of them.  Seemingly small things often mean the most.  We are hoping so!