Meeting with Coxe Curry

Cox & Curry

Coxe Curry & Associates provides professional counsel to help greater Atlanta nonprofit organizations attract resources, accomplish their missions and serve our community.

Mary and Brad met with David Eidson, President and CEO on Friday, June 14th.  We are, obviously, a much smaller non-profit organization than they work with, but due to a former colleague relationship with Brad, David was willing to spend time with us.

We asked for advice about many different aspects of the foundation going forward, from ways to fund raise (“coffee money campaign” to capital fund raising).  About a salary for Mary as Executive Director.  About how many Evans family members can be on the payroll (no more than one).  To future Board member qualifications.  And many more.

It was an extremely beneficial meeting.  At some point in time in the future, we will be a client of Coxe Curry, and we look forward to that time.