An Easter like no other

At 4:00 a.m., my cell phone started ringing off the hook.  Personally, I didn’t hear it, so that was ignored.  At 6:00 a.m., the office phone rang and I got up to answer, but the caller hung up before I answered.  But when I woke up there was a voice mail on the office phone.
Begin the day!  It was the manager of the apartments telling me that a drunk DeKalb police officer (who lives in the complex), was angry at his husband and chose to take care of it.  But he landed at the wrong apartment (one of ours).  He took a lawn chair off the patio and smashed in two bedroom windows, as well as the patio door window.  Once in, he threw a small table and a lamp across the room (probably in his way of climbing in).  He took off his sweatshirt and left it on the bed.  And then he passed out on the bed.
Someone (we don’t know who) obviously called the police.  They entered and found him passed out on the bed.  He’s now in DeKalb jail with a felony charge against him.
So my first panicked question was, “where’s my caregiver?  Thankfully, she had spent the night at the hospital with her husband, who is a bone marrow transplant patient.  Thank God!
So Bob and I headed down there immediately.  On the way we got a phone call from the caregiver, who said, “I just came back to the apartment and someone has broken in.”  She was so calm, cool and collected, we couldn’t believe it.  But we heaved a huge sigh of relief.  She left everything where it was so we could take pictures.  NOTHING was stolen, NO ONE was hurt, and NONE of our property was damaged.
I’ll admit I was a crazy woman (my main concern being my caregiver).  She then got funny on us and said, “I’m sure I could have taken him down if he was that drunk.  And besides, I’ve got a gun!”  Lordy, in all my projections, I had not pictured that!  Thankfully, none of that occurred!
SO….Bob and I got all of her stuff moved over to another apartment that, truthfully, I was unhappy about that it was vacant!  She got moved into #7, the one that the Georgia Furniture Mart furnished for us (beautiful), and she thinks she’s in the lap of luxury (her words).  And on top of everything, her husband is being discharged tomorrow.
My mom always used to say “you never know what a day will bring forth.”  Isn’t that the truth!  We came home, we ate, and I crashed.  That’s my way of handling stress.
That’s our story of Easter 2021!  Not what we planned or expected.