Piedmont map  Over the last couple of weeks, Mary and Brad have visited our Transplant Social Workers at Emory, Piedmont and Children’s Hospitals.   These people are the direct path to our care givers and patients.  They recommend our apartments to them and when necessary, handle the paperwork in regards to the Georgia Transplant Foundation.  With them we could not exist.

We took them lunch and did a presentation that showed pictures of the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms of all five apartments.  They have told us that the most frequently asked question by the transplant families when they are told about the apartments is, “what do they look like?”  So we gave them printed copies of the presentation so they can show the families “what they look like.”   In every case, we had great discussions with them.  We are always interested in their input.  We appreciate it when we get it and we take their comments to heart.  We ended our time together by showing them our new video (thanks Billy & Lori).  We explained that the video is now available on youtube, so their patients could easily take a look.

Are you interested in what is the hardest part about these lunch meetings?  Well, here goes….finding our way from the parking lot to the meeting room!  These hospitals are an incredible maize of buildings and hallways (and elevators!).  We always request that someone meet us to lead us through.  Without a leader, Brad and Mary would be wandering through the halls of these hospitals to this day!  (See the picture, above.   That’s just Piedmont.  Our end goal was Building 105 and I’m happy to report that we got in and out without incident!!)

We love our Social Workers.  Our care givers, especially, refer to them as their “angels on earth.”  To us they are everything!