The tale of 3 little girls

We have had the privilege of housing three little girls in our transplant apartments in recent months. Their stories tell the reason why we do what we do!

First little one (age 2): Her family, including her many siblings, lived in 4018 for 8 long months She was waiting for a new heart and she got one!. They very recently got to go home (always a happy day in our world). I recently got a video of her back home, “Happy as a clam” (whatever that means)! Her smiles said it all!

Second little one (age 6): She actually lived in the apartments TWICE! The first time was at the beginning of the year. She was scheduled for her kidney transplant, which was being donated by her daddy! Something happened back then and her surgery had to be rescheduled. Finally, the surgery was done in May and she is doing great. She is the most precocious little girl. She arrived for surgery with turquoise hair and nails, and proudly showed them to me. She loves to dance and is full of questions! She is anything but shy and I love that about her. She will soon be going home. I’m happy to report that daddy and daughter are doing great.

Third little one (age 4): Her mom calls her “my little warrior princess.” She, too, got a a kidney transplant from her daddy. She had been on dialysis since she was 3 days old and those days are finally over for her. When I asked her who she got her kidney from, she smiled, pointed to her daddy, and clapped her little hands with glee. Cutest little person ever!

These three little pumpkins and their stories bring such happy meaning to our foundation. Their mommies and daddies are the real heroes in these stories. The journeys they have traveled have NOT been easy. But, as most parents would do, their little girls became the centers of their universes. And they did EVERYTHING possible to ensure happy outcomes.