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By now, anyone following our Foundation knows the story of the cashmere socks.  Just in case you don’t…the story begins when Jeff was in the hospital for the last three days of his life, and his feet were always cold due to compromised circulation.  All of his loved ones spent our time taking turns rubbing his feet and legs in order to make him as comfortable as possible.  And we brought socks from home.  After he took his last breathe, his brother turned to his mom and said, “Mom, he deserved cashmere.”  In truth this was the humble beginning of our foundation.  We began by promising ourselves, that we would make sure that every transplant patient that we came to know would get cashmere socks from us.  That idea has morphed into our apartments, where every transplant patient that stays with us receives two pairs of cashmere socks upon their arrival.

Now came the issue of “where do we get the socks?”  Cashmere socks are EXTREMELY expensive.  But we had made a promise.  So Mary, taking the advice of another nice person she met at a networking event, made a visit to Saks 5th Avenue at Phipps one day to see if they sold cashmere socks.  She ran into one of the salesmen in the Men’s Store, Bo Carver.  Bo told her that, yes, they do sell cashmere socks, but only at Christmas.  From that point on, Bo became Mary’s resource about cashmere socks.  Two things happened:  1) he said he would check with his manager to see if she could order socks for us; and 2) he suggested two other up-scale stores to visit to ask about these socks.

Results:  1) Yes, his manager could get us socks, but the price would still be retail;  2) Mary visited the other stores only to find out that they don’t sell cashmere socks.  Then Bo really went “above and beyond.”  He began researching on the web and calling on is own past experiences in the retail world.

Long story short…he found a resource that sells socks for LESS THAN HALF of what we thought we would have to pay.  And he kept Mary in the loop throughout this process.  So we now have a place to order socks from, which we will do immediately.  And to take this a step further, Mary will pursue this particular company in an effort to make them a “partner” with our foundation and, hopefully, get socks donated in the future, or at the very least, get an even better deal!

This was truly an exercise in stepping out of the blind and beginning a process that we knew nothing about except that we wanted to do it.  Through a lot of determination, birthed out of necessity (cashmere socks are now part of our “brand”), to a little leg work and a LOT of help from a great guy at Saks, we found the solution to our problem.  THANK YOU, BO!!




belara_logo_w_bkg_r_  Today Bob and Mary visited Belara Apartment Homes in North Druid Hills, just three miles from Emory and CHOA.  We decided to go ahead and start the application process to rent a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment from them.  We will be able to move in on November 1st and, hopefully, welcome our first guests shortly after that.  These are exciting times for our foundation and, more importantly, for the transplant community in Atlanta.  We have had to turn away several requests for Apartment #1, which just shows that there is an urgent need for what we are doing.  It just makes us SO HAPPY to know that what we are doing is needed and so very much appreciated.