Oglethorpe  Late last year, Mary had lunch with her friend, Logan Vaughan, who gave her a fabulous reference that she thought would benefit the foundation.  As a result, Bob & Mary met with Beth Concepcion, Assistant Provost and Director of the A_LAB at Oglethorpe University.  She introduced us to a public relations class taught by Kate Keib to students who have a particular interest in non-profits.  She agreed to use our foundation as a “case study” that five of her students would study.

Fast forward to the beginning of the semester in January.  We were contacted by our five students:  Connor Bollinger, Caleb Blakley, Julissa Canas Escobar, Manuel Portillo and Johnathan Feibus.  They conducted a phone interview with Mary to get a general idea of what our foundation is all about.  Each one of them had a specific topic:  Partnerships & Supporters, Social Media, Internal & External Environments, Directors & Executives and Finances and Fund Raising.  It was a fantastic interview, which was absolutely brimming full of youthful enthusiasm!

Early in March Bob, Mary & Brad met them for lunch at Lucky's    .  YUM!  Once again we were so impressed and pleased with their enthusiasm for the foundation.  They asked a lot of questions, as we got to know each one of them in a more personal way.

They are working on two things as we speak.  One is a press release whose subject will be the opening of Apartment #6.  The other is a document whose subject will be our four new Board of Directors members.  When we receive the final products, we can use them in any way we see fit, such as through social media or the press (i.e., TV or newspapers) or sharing with future investors.  The possibilities are endless.

At the end of the semester, the group will present a final report on the foundation to their class and we will attend.  Stay tuned!

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