At our BOD meeting on January, we had four potential new board members join us.  They introduced themselves to us and all current members introduced themselves to the new people.  The great news is that all of them have agreed to join the board.  If you are curious about who they are, here goes:

Cynthia Elery – She is one of our former care givers!  Her husband had a double lung transplant and they lived in Apartment #2 for at least two months.  We became very good friends and she has become a great supporter, especially with her unique ability to raise funds.

Nik Erramilli – Nik is an attorney in his own firm.  The process of getting him on board was a year-long project!  He thoroughly vetted us.  He was recommended to us by Peggy Barrett, another BOD member.  She knew that he had a heart for non-profits.

Phil Graiser – Mary met Phil at at networking event and they connected immediately.  Phil is an organ donor.   And he is the President of Comforting Arms, an organization whose goal is to provide individuals and families with the compassion and support they need as family members age.  In addition, his daughter is a transplant nurse at Piedmont.

Andy McMillan –  Andy is a SVP at Gallagher & Founder of the EPIC Leadership Group.  His expertise lies in the insurance business and the best way to describe Andy is “salesman extraordinaire!”  His theory:  “you don’t get if you don’t ask!”  Music to our ears.

IN ADDITION:  Before our meeting began, Britt Bentley arrived to give us the news that he and Mindy would be going “on leave” for a little while.  He found out that he needs another heart transplant.  So he will begin the evaluation process and, hopefully, will receive a new heart within a reasonable time.   Our prayers will be with him.  And when he is feeling well again, he and Mindy will be welcomed back with open arms!  (Mindy has agreed to continue doing our accounting work during this time.   Mary can’t say enough thank-yous!)




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