Trey & Tulips   This is Charles Howard Theus III (Trey).  He is the youngest transplant patient to live in one of the apartments.  He moved in on April 10th with his mom, dad and grandma.  He was only 5 months old and was waiting for a liver transplant.  He was the sweetest little guy you could ever hope to meet and know.  He had a smile that lit up the room and he was so cuddly….just a sweetheart.  He was doing very well for about one month, when he got really sick.  And sadly, on May 11th, he passed away.  It’s hard to express our feelings.  His passing, of course, opened Jeff’s story for us once again.  What we are learning is this:  we are doing much more than providing a place for transplant patients to live.  We are getting attached to them in one way or another (it can’t be helped).  It’s not always easy, but it is definitely the most rewarding part of everything that we are doing.  If God can use our pain to help someone else deal with theirs, we are more than happy to let Him use us.

Mary and Brad attended his funeral in Jesup, Georgia.  It was a comforting service but we had to admit that it really difficult to  look at a little, tiny coffin.  But we remembered that only Trey’s body was in the coffin.  Baby Trey is now in the arms of Jesus, safe and well.  For that we are grateful.  But the other side of that coin are the ones left behind.  Our prayers are for his mom and dad and grandma.  He was their world and they are crushed.

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