Janet Painting    Janet table and chair

As is a common occurrence, Bob met a woman at ACE who wanted to help the foundation and what she volunteered to do was to paint furniture.  Her name is Janet Seebeck, and she has become a good friend.  Janet lives in a town home, so she drives over to our house in order to paint.  She told Mary to look for furniture that is not in very good shape (and therefore cheap!) and she would make it look like new.  So Mary found this table and four chairs at a thrift store for $40.00.  It was in rough shape, but Janet did, indeed, make it look like new.  The best thing about her is this:  she first sands, then primes, then sands again, and then puts on at least two coats of paint.  If Mary was doing it, she would probably dust the piece off and spray paint a couple of coats and call it a day!  Janet’s work is beautiful….as you can see!  This table and chairs will be going into Apartment #4.

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