Apartment #1 – Family #2

Apt living room  Our very first patient, Will, was officially released from Emory on January 23rd and headed home to his family near Savannah.  Will lived in Apartment #1 for almost 7 months!  We are so happy that he has recovered to this point and our prayer is for a long, healthly life for him.

On January 29th, we got a call from Piedmont that they had a liver transplant patient and his care giver that needed a place to live.  Mary drove down to the apartment on that very day to turn over the keys to the care giver, Laura.  She was so appreciative because, as she said, she had been worrying about where they would live because of financial issues (this is ALWAYS the problem for our residents).  When Mary was talking to her, she said this….”I have a 7-month-old grandbaby and now he can visit!”  As a grandma, Mary understood that comment.  The Evans family believes that, as much as the apartments give peace, comfort and financial easing, they also keep the family together.  NOTHING makes us happier.  The patient, Bill, should be released from the hospital to the apartment in a couple of days to begin his healing journey.  Welcome to Laura and Bill!

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