Thought that continuously bothers Mary

pexels-photo-613321.jpeg  As our foundation continues to grow and as we continue trying to get our message out there, it has occurred to everyone on our board of directors, and especially to Mary, that we are in a very exclusive niche within the non-profit sector.  Being “exclusive” sounds great in some ways, but the truth of the matter is, we need to find something that will tug on the heart strings of people.

The old saying,”if you knew what I knew” applies here.  Because we entered into the world of transplants in a very, very personal way, and because our experience ended in the worse possible way with the loss of Jeff, we truly have a heart for the people getting transplants, and even more we have a heart for the care givers.  Mary’s passion lies with the care givers because she has walked in their shoes.

SO….in the middle of the night, as is almost always the case, an idea came to Mary.  She got up and began working on it immediately.  Who needs sleep, right??!!

I want to do a video that expresses what the care givers’ thoughts are; the things that go through their minds as they live through the transplant experience.  The patient is being taken care of by a team of doctors, social workers, nurses, and every other medical category you can think of.  The care giver is mostly ALONE.  So I contacted a guy that went to high school with Brad who is in the video-making business.  We are going to meet for coffee next week to discuss my ideas.  I can’t wait to hear what Billy Hong has to say about what is rolling around in my head.

Stay tuned!


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