So Many Are Willing to Help

friends 2

May 15, 2015

Bob and Mary had lunch with David and Michelle Williams, who were very involved with the earlier fundraising for Jeff.  They are on board for helping in any way possible.  Also on this day, Lanny Everett met with one of the VP’s of Grizzard, a fund raising non-profit, who said that after we have a business plan, we should contact Chip Grizzard, the CEO, to discuss help from them.  Also on this day, Brad met with an executive from Cox Curry, another fund raising non-profit and he expressed his desired to help.  And one more addition to this…Bob met with Bill Kaufmann, who is a Business Plan Developer and he is willing to assist us in writing our business plan for the house.  I add this day as part of this blog to simply show how, as we reach out to various people, we get positive responses and offers to help in the future.

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