The Georgia Transplant Foundation Board Member Meeting

kilpatrick townsend building

May 19, 2015

Bob, Mary and Brad met with members of the GTF Board.  In attendance were Dr. Jennie Perryman from Emory Hospital, who wrote the original grant for the Mason House (she is Co-Investigator and Director of Policy and Outcomes Management for Project ACTS (Advocates for Organ and Tissue Donations); Ben Barkley, GTF Board Attorney; Brian Calkins, GTF Board Treasurer, Dr. Andy Smith, Cardiologist and Medical Director for Heart Failure, Transplantation and VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) Programs at Emory.  We began by telling Jeff’s story, which of course concludes with our lives changing forever and with the reason for our passion to build this house to not only honor our son, but to help others that will be walking that long, long mile in our shoes.

We left the meeting knowing the following.  The people that represented the GTF will get together to further discuss everything that was said at the meeting and hopefully (from our standpoint) decide if we will, indeed, partner up with the GTF to go forward.  And we will develop a business plan.  We will also start the process of applying for a 501(c)(3), if for nothing else but the endowment fund that will eventually have to be set up.  A new angle, so to speak, was to open the house up for patients other than transplant patients and their families.  This was brought up by Dr. Perryman and Andy Smith went on to explain to us what that meant.  As we understood the conversation, there are other cardio patients that could use this service, including those who are being treated with a VAD.  The Evans family is totally open to making the house available to those patients.  We feel like we are now getting into the “nitty-gritty” of this process and that’s a great thing.

We also knew that the GTF representatives picked up on the absolute passion the Evans family has for this project.  So we will do our part in developing the business plan and will look forward to more discussions with GTF.

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