We have a new…

Actually we have a new BOD comprised of existing and new members. We had our first combined Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 11th. It was done by a ZOOM call, which is a sign of the times we are living in.

Each of our 16 members gave a brief description of themselves and spoke about how they see themselves contributing to the Foundation’s vision. It was amazing to see how the two distinct groups of people absolutely melded into one.

We are now on an amazing journey together whose sole purpose is to serve our transplant patients and their caregivers. The Evans family looks back at our humble beginnings and are totally amazed where we are at this moment. But even more amazing is the path we are moving forward on.

BIG things are in our future. Plans are in the making to begin a capital fund raising campaign in January 2021. Properties are being explored in an effort to find the perfect location for the Transplant House. Before we know it, all of the planning that has been happening in the background with the help of so many people will be turning into a Transplant House that has been a big part of the vision from Day One.

Thanks goes to Amanda Brown-Olmstead, our PR person, who worked tirelessly to bring on the seven new people, each with distinct experience, skills, networks and passion. We are blessed beyond measure to have her in our corner.

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