FURNITURE FUN (Apartment #7, here we come!)

Earlier this week, a group of us including Bob & Mary, Kevin (Architect) & Meredith (Interior Designer) from Richmond Honan, and Amanda and Mary Elise from A. Brown-Olmstead & Associates, met with Mike and Michelle Hall, owners of the Georgia Furniture Mart. Why, you ask? Because the Halls have graciously offered to completely furnish Apartment #7 at no cost to the foundation! We walked the entire show room, which is nothing but spectacular (to the point of overwhelming), so that we could see exactly what they have to offer. Our comments along the way gave Mike and Michelle a feeling for what we like. Now it’s totally up to them as to what they choose to furnish the apartment with. We have total trust in them!

After the show room tour, we sat at a table and discussed the various aspects of the foundation, the layout and feel of the apartment (which will be opened mid-August), and Mike’s and Michelle’s wonderful giving hearts. What we remember Mike saying was this, “we just want to spread a little love!” We are so incredible appreciative! There are truly angels walking this earth. Mike and Michelle just happen to be “furniture angels!”

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