Once again, I have let time go for far too long. So here’s an update on the JCEF.

First BIG news….We have hired Amanda Olmstead of A. Brown-Olmstead Associates, a PR firm in Atlanta. She has been in the business for 48 years. Her contact list is endless and her enthusiasm for our foundation is incredible. She has been working with us since May 1st and it’s hard to put into words what she “has in the works” for us. Some highlights: 1)  she sent out a press release on June 12th  to over 100 media and architectural firms about the architectural plan for the stand-alone house; 2)  she is working on a Mason Trust Grant, shooting for $150,000, which would be to cover costs for the capital fund raising campaign for the house (which will cost $15M); 3) she is working on strengthening our BOD by contacting many business leaders in the community, who are personal friends of hers;  4)  she has had a meeting with the Woodruff Foundation about possibly funding us “to get us going” on fund raising in general; 5)  she is working on a meeting with Emory University regarding building the house on Emory campus – the Candler mansion property; 6)  she has made contact with a friend of hers that owns the biggest discount furniture company in the country.  He will be furnishing the house! and 7)  she is following up on some NFL leads from Brad that go way back to our beginning.

The Apartments… 1)  We have been running at 100% capacity since January.  COVID-19 has definitely been good for us from this standpoint. We are the only option available to transplant patients at the moment. Our apartments are totally private, whereas other “hospitality houses” have a model of individual rooms for patients with everything else being communal. They are currently closed; 2)  we had our first stem cell patient in one of the apartments, which opens us up to cancer patients; 3)  the apartments are being cleaned by Dryden Joss, our nephew.  He is doing a fantastic job.  The only thing he hasn’t figured out is the placement of all the decorator pillows on the beds!! 5)  back to stem cells and bone marrows….these could greatly increase the demand for apartments.  Between the two, they have said they could keep 40 apartments full.  That remains to be seen, of course, but it’s an interesting idea. 

BOD…1)  We have had two board members turn in their resignations. Both feel they are too busy with life at the moment and that they are not contributing enough; 2)  John Hollingsworth, who was on the board and who wrote our Business Plan and then moved to New York for work and resigned from the board is returning.  He has agreed to write the next version of the Business Plan which will include building the stand-alone house.

Bob & ACE…As everyone knows, Mr. E. makes lots of contacts during the course of a work day!  Lately he has been talking to people about the stand-alone house in regards to construction products being donated. He’s getting some great leads.  Most recently it was for bricks for the outside of the building. 

A lot is going on. These are exciting days in the life of the foundation. And all the glory goes to our Heavenly Father. He is blessing us beyond measure!

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