Scott Holliday Warehouse (2)   Last week, Bob and Mary visited a person that Mary had been referred to by a fellow networker.  The referral was given months ago, but there was no follow up until now because there had not been a need up until now.

The person we met was Scott Holliday.  According to Scott’s business card he is “A Liquidator of Mattresses, Furniture and Home Goods to Charities and Charitable Retailers.”  The name of his business is “Heart In Your Hand.”

We drove up in front of an enormous warehouse, walked in, sat down in front of Scott, and told him our story.  He then took us into the warehouse, where we saw more stuff than you can imagine.  Mattress were stacked all over the place.  Boxes were sitting around that were filled with sheets, towels, bedspreads, shower curtains; you name it (he buys up what Macy’s can’t sell).  In additional there was furniture, lamps, etc.

So here’s the best part:  Whatever we need for future transplant apartments that is in the warehouse is ours at NO COST to us!  Can you even begin to imagine what that means for us?  It’s huge!  Scott asked us to send him our apartment inventory list.  When the time comes, he will stage whatever we need that he has in stock and will hunt for what he does not have in stock.  Then he will stage it in order for a mover to easily pick everything up and move it to an apartment.

There is a Christian song that Mary listens to all the time while driving between home and the apartments.  One line says this:  “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard all that is in store for those who pray.”  Our Heavenly Father is, indeed, good to his children!”




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