Where we are….where we’re going

Where we're going  Sometimes a picture says a 1,000 words.  This picture illustrates where our foundation has gone over the last three years and explains that we have been very successful.  Statistics show that 90% of non-profits fail in the first year of operation, and 97% fail within the first three years.  We’ve made it through that!!!  We’ll call that “Phase 1.”  The straight line indicates that we could continue on as we have over the last three years “forever.”  We know the model and the model is successful.

But our goal is to move up the trajectory.  We’ll call that “Phase 2.”  And that will take two things:  money and staff.  Currently we are sitting in the circle called “No Man’s Land” and we have to figure out how to pass through that circle.  To facilitate that, Mary & Brad are heading out to Seattle next weekend to meet with Liz Truong Doyle, our Foundation Consultant.  She has “been there, done that,” so there is no need to “reinvent the wheel.”  We have our lists of questions ready for her and we hope to come back to Atlanta armed with exactly what we need to move forward, through the circle.  Get ready, Liz!  And thanks for sharing your expertise.

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