pink quilt    blue quilt

Yesterday these two quilts were delivered to our front door.  They are from the Mending Hearts Quilting Group in Washington State.  What makes them really special is the fact that they were made in memory of our friend, Marge Mitchell.  Marge passed away about a year ago, and one of her dying wishes was that her quilting group continue to make quilts for our transplant apartments.  The group has fulfilled that promise over and over again.

We tend to give our apartments nicknames based on their decor.  The next apartment we open will house these quilts and it will be called “The Quilt Cottage.”  The group made another quilt which is in “Jeff’s Cabin.”

I have never made a quilt, and I never will.  The whole process is just “beyond me!”  But I can certainly appreciate all of the work that went into these.  The blue one, in particular, was apparently a very complicated pattern and it was made by a local quilter, MaryCee, who then gave it to the Mending Hearts to finish and give to us.  The pink quilt was made by Betty Walsh, a member of the group.  And I cannot forget to thank Joan Huehnerhoff, who not only helps with the quilting, but is also the person who is really in charge of carrying out Marge’s wishes.

Thank you, again.  My gratitude is endless.  And Marge is happy!

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