We have begun a fantastic relationship with someone who is going to play a very big part in our foundation going forward, particularly in the area of financial planning.  He is a friend of Brad’s.  His name is Jim Fountain.  Jim works for the Business School at Emory University and his professional background is in real estate.  Brad and Mary met twice with him to go over our business plan and to explain to him our vision going forward.  Jim grasped the vision IMMEDIATELY!  And he has jumped in with both feet.  Our third meeting included Bob, who had developed a very preliminary cost-out plan for our stand-alone transplant house.  Jim had studied our business plan and Bob’s report extensively and had thought about all of our verbal conversations.

We get very excited when we talk to him.  And this is the reason:  to find someone who truely “gets” where we want the foundation to go, is like discovering gold!  He came to our last lunch with information about available apartment properties in Atlanta.  So we fully discussed all of the possibilities for the stand-alone, including starting from the ground up or buying an existing structure and doing a major remodel.

This particular conversation ended with Jim saying he would do more research on existing structures (within 4 miles of the Emory and CHOA) and that he would set up a meeting between the four of us and at least two banks.

We are totally aware that we are just beginning the “baby-step” phase of our plans.  But with Jim working with us, particularly with his extensive knowledge of real estate and finances and with his enthusiasm, we will, before we know it, be moving on to another phase.  Like the picture at the front of this post shows, everything has to fit together like a giant puzzle…one piece at a time!  We just set the first piece!

Life is exciting!

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