Apt #5 Whole Living Room  Apt #5 Dining  Apt #5 Blue Bedroom

I am WAY far behind on reporting Apartment #5.  We opened it on December 1, 2019 and we had a patient and her care giver move on on the 4th.  This one is located at Belara Apartment Homes, where we have three more apartments.

Currently we have a baby patient and her mommy living here.  The baby had a liver transplant and traveled a bit of a hard road in her recovery.  But she is now “at home” in the apartment until she fully recovers.  During the time she was in the hospital, her mommy never left her side, but her dad and siblings stayed in the apartment over the weekends.  This makes us happy.  Not only are we accommodating the patient and care giver, we are making life easier for the rest of the family.  And that’s a good thing!

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