Another Learning Experience

When things have been running perfectly for almost a year, it’s pretty amazing when you run into a major problem.  Our problem:  We had a family move into one of our apartments on a Thursday.  It was far from the “normal” move-in.  No less than 8 people arrived to see the apartment.  What we had agreed to, as always, was a patient and a care giver; not a patient and seven others!  In addition, this particular family was not on the same page, so to speak.  Two major “players” actually couldn’t stand each other and each pulled Mary aside to tell her their side of the story.  Talk about uncomfortable!

When Mary turned over the keys and left the apartment, all of the people were still there, including the patient and the assigned care giver.  Mary called the Social Worker with some big concerns.  The Social Worker assured Mary that the only people who would be living in the apartment would be the patient and the care giver.  And she agreed to keep me in the loop about anything unusual happening.

Well, on Monday morning, Mary got a call from the Social Worker and things were not looking good.  The weekend had been total chaos.  It’s a long story that I won’t go into, but the bottom line was this:  we had to go over to the apartment and evict all of them!  The Social Worker had already told the residents that this was going to happen.  WHAT??

So Bob and Mary headed over to the apartment and found three kids living there with no care giver in sight.  This is a scary scenario for the patient.  He was doing very well, but the fact is….things could change on a dime for him, and then what were the kids going to do?   Bob and Mary’s ONLY concern was for the patient.  And it was a BIG concern.

This all ended with everyone moving out, but not before Mary had to listen to a phone call that lasted 5 minutes (Bob is my witness!) telling her what a horrible, disrespectful person she was and that this story was going to the newspapers!

So far, we haven’t seen ourselves written up in the newspaper so we’re assuming someone got their head screwed on straight.  But our concern is still all about the patient.  We can only hope that all goes well for him.  We’ll never know.

Lesson learned:  GO WITH YOUR GUT!

UPDATE:  The patient is doing very well.  He moved back to Florida to live with his grandmother (where he grew up).  So he’s back on familiar territory with his friends.  He flies to Atlanta on a regular basis for testing.


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