sock-hop  The Evans’ had a blast on Friday night, April 13th.  There is a senior living apartment complex in John’s Creek where Mary attends a networking event every month.  Now….apart from the networking event people, the ladies that work in the office of the apartment complex have taken a great interest in our foundation.

SO…they hosted a “Sock Hop” in honor our foundation for their residents and we were invited to attend and to tell everyone about what we are doing.  So Bob and Mary rolled up their jeans and tried to look a little “1950-ish” and headed over there.  We were amazed to find at least 180 people in attendance.  There was a row of ’57 Chevies (is that how you spell that?), the food was the Varsity Food Truck (“What’ll Ya Have?”….onion rings please!)  The DJ was fabulous and we had a blast.  As the evening went on and the dancing began (grandma/grandpa/mom/dad/grandkids…you get the picture), Bob and Mary worked the crowd expressing our thanks.

Thanks for what you ask?  Well part of the price of the ticket was to donate a pair of cashmere socks or donate money towards cashmere socks!  We received six pairs of socks and over $350.00!  We were SO grateful.  As most of you know, all of “our” transplant patients receive a pair of cashmere sock from us in memory of Jeff.

The place was hoppin’ and a good time was had by all.  Thank you to the residents of “The Park.”

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