gift   The family that is living in Apartment #2 are from North Georgia.  Their daughter, Tiffany, is a double lung transplant patient.  Her care givers are her mom, Missy, her dad, Harry, and her grandma, Lola.  Mary had the opportunity to meet Harry yesterday for the first time.  And he presented her with the most wonderful gift, a poem he had written straight from his heart.  It expresses everything that has been in our hearts from the beginning and it expresses it SO WELL.  Thank you, Harry!

With sincere happiness upon your face

you welcomed us home,

to your place.


This place before we had never seen,

so cozy and homey,

was spotlessly clean.


So difficult a journey we had to begin

was made much easier

when you welcomed us in.


Your sincere desire to help those in need

was to us far beyond

a simple good deed.


When in prayer we asked, “God what can we do?”

He answered with a miracle

and He sent it through you.


We were strangers, yet you opened your door

Our burden you lifted

we carried it no more.


For in years gone by you had traveled this road

now through you “WE FOUND REST”

with your gift of abode.


From your “hope and prayers” now we find

solace and comfort



The passing of your son, to you so dear

leave you memories of him

still perfectly clear.


You determined yourself with this gift to try

to give life to his memories

and never let them die.


You have chosen to ease the burden and help bear the cross

to even a stranger

who might suffer such loss.


Your help to our family and this daughter’s sweet mother

obeys CHRIST’s commandment

to love one another.


With generosity you help bind us together

in this dwelling and in our hearts.



lives on forever.

God bless you,


With thankful heart sincerely,


Harry A. Ward



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