oBig Cabin at Camp             Jeff Fishing at Camp

One of Jeff’s favorite places on earth was his Great Grandpa Kaarto’s cabin in Michigan on the Upper Peninsula (pictured above).  He spent a very memorable summer there with his Grandpa Evans.  The trip required a round-trip drive from Washington to Michigan and it included many very funny and not-to-be-forgotten moments!  He also spent more than one summer vacation there with his aunts, uncles and cousins.  He couldn’t have asked for more.

So in remembrance of this, Bob suggested that the next apartment be decorated like a cabin.  I know Jeff would agree!  When this idea was presented to Mary, she thought, “how will I ever do that?”  But it turns out that it’s a pretty easy assignment.  Mary has started going to her regular antique stores, consignment stores, junk stores, etc. and she’s finding all kinds of appropriate furnishings.  Just today she picked up a canoe oar, which will be used in one way or another!

We hope to have Apartment #3 opened in February of 2018 at the very latest.  Stay tuned for pictures of the final product!




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