Mary was on the radio!

talk-of-the-townCleve and Michell

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!  What exciting days these are for our foundation.  On Sunday, 9/17 and again on Tuesday, 9/19, Mary was on the RADIO!  The story begins at ACE Hardware (as so many of our stories do).  A woman named Michelle Gaddis came into the store and asked Bob to make a key for her.  A long story short, they began talking about the foundation to the point that Michelle was moved to tears (her words).  Michelle went home and told her husband, Cleve, about the foundation.  Well….Cleve is a radio host on Newstalk 1160 in Atlanta and before much time had passed, Cleve had called Mary and asked her to be on his show.

A side story here will illustrate how often things work in our foundation world.  It’s our belief that NOTHING IS BY CHANCE!  Cleve, as well as being a radio host, is a real estate broker.  And he was was hosting another guest on his show whose house Cleve was selling and who is in the roofing industry.   And who BTW had donated his kidney to someone.  Thus the segway!

This was all done first by phone.  On Tuesday afternoon, Mary stopped running errands and sat in her car to listen in.  She was a bundle of nerves in anticipation of what she was going to sound like.   But all went well.  For a first-time radio personality (!), she did a pretty good job of letting people know what we are all about.

Thank you, Cleve, for this incredible opportunity.

OH….the icing on the cake?  Cleve and his co-worker, Alfie, donated $500.00 to the foundation.  Incredible generosity.


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