web developer     Today we made great strides forward for the foundation.  Mary met with David Votto who is a web developer and he volunteered to redo our entire web site, bringing it up to much higher standards than it has been (to say the least).  And he is doing this at no cost to the foundation.  In the mind of someone who is sorely lacking in technical skills (Mary), he’s a genius!  Mary left the meeting with a short list of things David will need for this project and now we will wait to see the final product.  This is going to be such a marketing tool, especially in the area of fund raising.  Potential donors will be able to go to our website and REALLY find out what our foundation is all about and also to find out exactly what we need, financially and otherwise.

And another great thing today…Mary got home from the meeting with David and opened the mail, only to find a donation check for $5,000!  We are so incredibly grateful to our extremely generous donor.  This donation makes it possible to get started on Apartment #2, and that what we are all about!

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