The Saga of the Bed Rails

bed rails 2Who could have known what a problem bed rails could be.  (I’m writing this so that I won’t forget it….probably not much interest here for our blog followers.)

It is now Friday evening and I have just returned from the apartment, where I actually was able to put an entire bedroom together.  Doesn’t sound like much, but here’s what led up to it.

  1. Four days ago, we purchased bed rails at a store in Dawsonville and took them to the apartment.
  2. Attempted to install them on the head board and the foot board, but one end (where the “claws” are that fit into the headboard) was UPSIDE DOWN!
  3. Decided to just go to a mattress store in the neighborhood and buy another set and return the defective one later.
  4. Came home with a set without “claws” but with bolts.
  5. Called the mattress store to say we got the wrong rails.  They offered to deliver a set with “claws.”
  6. They did.
  7. Went to install them and the piece that goes in the middle for support was too short.  Looked like the crossbar was made for a full-size bed.
  8. Called the mattress store only to find out that we couldn’t return the bed rails unless we spent $59.00 for pick up.  Huh??  The store is literally 1/2 mile from the apartment.
  9. Decided to return the #1 bed rails to Dawsonville, which we did.  They exchanged them for a good set (even took them out of the box to measure to make sure everything was right).
  10. Attached the rails and made the bed!
  11. Got a call from the mattress store saying we could return the defective rails, which we did.  They gave us a credit.
  12. All of that to say that this adventure meant driving over 350 miles, mainly because we live so far away from the apartment!  Home-Dawsonville-home-apartment-mattress store-apartment-home-Dawsonville-home-apartment-mattress store-home.
  13. AND this caused A LOT of frustration.  I had to apologize to the mattress store person for being so rude.  She graciously accepted my apology.
  14. I’d like to say a lesson was learned, but I can’t think of one.  We were just the unlucky recipients of two (yes, two!) manufacturing screw-ups!
  15. And BTW….the bedroom looks fantastic!!  And I have to admit that this has been the ONLY frustrating thing about setting up this apartment.  Thank the good Lord!

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