Mary’s First Opportunity to Speak


This morning I had the privilege of attending a meeting of the Atlanta Senior Business Network Forsyth.  This is a great group of businesses that meet monthly to network and help each other grow their businesses.  I received my invitation from Nancy Votta, the founder of the group, who is fast becoming a very important part of our foundation.  I was able to speak to the people in attendance to introduce our foundation, explaining the why of our existence, the what of our existence (providing a bridge to life for transplant patients) and to tell them the very exciting news about our first apartment opening on July 1st.  I was received with so much interest and warmth.  The connection between the JCEF and the ASBN revolves around our need to furnish our apartments going forward and their ability to provide those furnishing through the generous donation of the seniors that they work with in many capacities.  Some were from assisted living residences, from organizations that place seniors when they are ready to downsize, from senior transition teams, and from home care medical staffing organizations.  What I heard over and over again is that when seniors chose to, or have to, downsize and move, they struggle with what to do with their household furnishings.  Many of them would rather donate them to a worthy cause than to worry about something like an estate sale.  And that is where we all can team up to the advantage of our transplant patients and their care givers.  Thank you so much to all who expressed so much interest in what we are doing!  It was simply amazing!

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