tears   We had to cancel the polo match/catered dinner fund raiser, which was to be held on May 21st.  It was a HUGE disappointment because so much time and effort had gone into planning it.  But at times, when you’re exhausted from trying to figure out the “why,” you get a very fast answer.  As it turned out, on May 21st, it was raining “cats and dogs” in the Atlanta area and we would have had to cancel anyway.  By canceling early, we were able to recoup almost all of our deposits for the farm, the caterer and the insurance policy.  God is in control!  He knew the end from the beginning and He worked out the details to our advantage.  We are so grateful.

Because of the cancellation, we felt like we came to a “fork in the road.”  And that we had to decide exactly where we were going next.  Hard decisions had to be made.  And this is what we decided.  1) we need to strengthen our Board of Directors.  We are so grateful for those who got us started on this journey and we always will be.  But we need to now move forward towards finding people for our board that have a connection to the transplant world.  2) our emphasis going forward must be on seeking and getting donations to that we can further accomplish what we have set out to do.

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