Grant & Mindy Searcey The most incredible “happenstances” come to us almost on a weekly basis and this story is about one of those.  As mentioned in the last blog entry, we are having a fund raiser on May 21st that includes a polo match.  So one evening, out of the blue, Bob decided he was going up to the outlet mall in Dawsonville to visit the Polo Store.  While talking to the manager about the possibility of Polo donating shirts that we could get customized with our foundation’s logo for the polo players to wear at the event, she mentioned “THERE IS SOMEONE YOU HAVE TO MEET.”  That person is pictured above…Grant Searcey and his wife Mindy.  Grant is a local artist, working out of Dahlonega and HE HAS HAD A HEART TRANSPLANT!   We had the absolute privilege to meet with them this week and, without a doubt, they are going to be a big part of our foundation.  Grant has lived the transplant patient experience and Mindy has lived the caregiver experience.  And when Grant was going through his transplant, his mom had to rent an apartment for them to live in the Los Angeles area to the tune of $1,800.00 a month.  So on top of everything else, they know EXACTLY how important what we are doing is.  They would have given anything to be able to live in our apartment at no cost to them.  We are going to meet again in two weeks to discuss further what their role will be in the foundation.

BTW..NOTHING is “happenstance.”  Everything that happens is by design.  And stay tuned to see if the shirts are donated to us from the Polo Store.  The aforementioned manager, Sonja, is working hard on this!

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