First Move – From Garage to Storage Unit


On Saturday, February 18th, we moved all of the apartment furniture and everything else that we have collected to  a storage unit.  Our garage got so full, it was hard to move around.  We hate having to pay a monthly charge for storage, but it has to be done.  A huge THANK YOU goes to our across-the-street neighbors, the Feeney family (all of them….Jeff, Linda, Zachery and Daniel).  We could not have done this without them.   They arrived around 8:00 a.m. and we were done way before noon.  We looked very funny driving out of the neighborhood and over to storage.  Does “Hillbilly Hollow” paint a picture!  The line-up looked like this….SUV/truck/trailer/van/car/car (all loaded with stuff)  On the way over, it started sprinkling, but thankfully everything got moved in before the rain got worse.

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