An Apartment Has Been Chosen

post-kitchen    post-living-room

Bob and Mary took a tour of the Post Briarcliff apartments this week and we made the decision to rent a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment from them.  (It was a model apartment, so these are not pictures of the furniture we will put in.)  It is only about one mile from Emory and Children’s and it, unbelievably, has a shuttle to the hospitals.  Could that get any better?  We think it will be perfect for the transplant patients and their care givers to live in while going through the transplant experience.  Almost everything that is needed to furnish it has been either donated or purchased.  We plan on moving in on June 1st and welcoming the first guests that the hospital social workers and Georgia Transplant Foundation send to us. It’s hard to express the emotions that rise up around this subject.  We have worked hard for two years to get to this point.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been extremely worthwhile.  OK….I’ll get dramatic here….it’s the beginning of an enormous dream…enormous!!

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