pastors  On November 9th, Bob and Mary were invited to lunch by four wonderful gentlemen, all pastors….Pastors Enoch Butler, David Trott, Ron James (not in the picture) and Andrew Moore.  As often happens when Bob is working at ACE Hardware, he presents our foundation to people he meets.  One of his customers took an interest in our foundation and passed our information along to Pastor Enoch, who immediately called us, inviting us to meet him for lunch with three of his friends.  It was a most wonderful afternoon.  These men have FULLY grasped our Foundation’s mission and they want to help in any way they can.  We filled them in with information about the Foundation and they each told us their background and how they felt they could get involved.

One thing that the Evans family has known from our start-up is that we want to fully include and welcome very ethic group to our apartments.  If you look at transplant statistics, you will find that out of 100%, 41% are for whites, 35% are for blacks, 16% are for Hispanics and the other 8% is shared by other ethnic groups.  With these men in our circle, we will have the awesome privlege to present our foundation to their bigger circle of friends in the black community.

We finished our lunch that day with this:  “Let’s get back together at a later day and have a brain storming session to see how we can work together.”  We will be scheduling that for early January.  And finally, we ended our lunch with prayer.  We felt like we had been at the feet of God.

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